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11.14.5 (Build 57418)

Hi guys,

I'm new to outsystems, and I'm looking for a widget to bring data from three related tables as shown in this image.

Could anyone point me to one?



Hello Marcelo Silveira,

I have create the static data as your requirement to how to show so Please check the below URL and for reference I have attached OML as well (sample demo screen)


If I am not wrong ,I think your requirement is like wise when you click on the 1st table the second and third table will give the details on that bases (date) if that is your requirement (may be you know that because you ask only for look and fill so i did that but for reference i will tell that thing also )

On 1st list current record click pass the id to the respect two tables aggregate and filter with that id and refresh that on the click on 1st table record

if you need any help then let me know

Hopes this will help you as well

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande


Hello, @Akshay Deshpande šŸš€

That's exactly what I need. I looked at your example, and with the appropriate adjustments it will be possible to build my screen.

Thank you very much for your attention and for sharing the example.

Thanks and Regards,

Marcelo Silveira

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