Case Configuration API

How can I import or set up a hierarchy of users or "UserExtended" Entity?

【"UserExtended" Entity】

If using the API below is the right way to set a hierarchy, would you give me an example of how to use this API? 


Hello Mai,

There are some tips here:

Are you using the Case Management Framework or just looking to create a user hierarchy?

Hey João,

I'm also having trouble figuring this out.

The link you posted doesn't provide a complete picture. For instance there is no information on how to use the case configuration API.

My goal is to set up user hierarchies for Workflow Builder. I created a backoffice app exposing a rest api which uses ImportUserHierarchy_GetSample that Mai asked about. But i don't know what to pass as argument; what are the type Ids that should be provided as input.

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