foundation or core module with screens
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Hi All

i have one application.under that application i have created 3 modules.




and in architecture dashboard all module classification are correct.screenshot is given below

in architecture dashboard i am getting "Foundation or Core module with screens ".how to fix this thing? because all core modules i have created as service module

Hi Arkyadeep,

In your case, I can understand that your enfolding all 3 layered modules in a single application. 

kindly check your Enduser module naming convention once, if it falls under any of the foundation module namings. This issue may arise due to that.

Also look at these posts it can help,


Saravanan Santhanam.

UI module name is-


I created the same scenario in my official Env and verified with Arch dashboard it doesn't give me any findings as you mentioned above.

Pls verify this link:

Maybe the scenario mentioned in this post is applicable to your case.


Saravanan Santhanam.

i have done same changes already but still it is coming.check the first screenshot.

@Arkyadeep Bharadwaj check the 2 modules that are tag as Core, these modules should not have any screen inside.

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