[OutSystems Maps] Used Google API Key in OutSystems Maps still showing "For development purpose only"
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My first question is weather the Google API key used in Development environment will work or not ? 

If yes then I have set the key in site property of the Google Maps. Even after setting the key I am getting the "For development purpose only" message on the screen. 

Please guide me to remove that message.



1. Make sure you refresh dependencies.

2. Check you enabled the right API services in GCloud for this key.

If these dont work: try the API key directly in the map widget to see if that works, at least to validate the key is OK.

Thanks André Pinho ,  the issue was regarding the Google map API key. The billing was not activated for that key. Now it has been activated and the the message is not showing anymore.


Hi Sanket,

In order to use the Site Property you have configured in the OutSystems Maps component, you have to:

  • Add a reference to the following Server Action that fetches the Site Property value from the server

  • Create a Data Action that will expose the API key returned by GetGoogleMapsServerKey action to the screen

  • Select the Output from the Data Action in the APIKey property of the Maps widget

That's it. The watermark should be gone after that.



Nordin, I am not sure that is needed anymore. The component already checks for the key in the site property. 

Which is triggered on an InitializeProviderMap action. 


Hi Andre,

I know but somehow that logic did not work for me as well. That's why I proposed fetching the API Key directly from the screen and passing it to the Map widget.



Hi Nordin Ahdi , I tried the steps you mentioned but it was still showing the developer message. The actual issue was with the Google map API key, which has been solved now. Thanks for your response. :)

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