Adding entity attribute to table with values does not change value in UI module
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I realized i needed to create an extra attribute for my existing entity in my core module. After creating the attribute i set the values of the already existing records manually by editing. After that i added new rows into the entity dynamically using my application. Now i don't see the initial editing changes made to the value of that particular attribute getting reflected in my UI module were i call the entity.  I have tried refreshing the dependencies and publishing the app, but nothing seems to work.  Can anyone please help me!!

Pic above is the entity in the core module and the area denoted in blue are the values i added manually.

This is the entity in my UI module. 

Hi Akash,

Did you click "Apply" (red) button in your core module?

You need to click apply to save the records value.



Oh shoot forgot about that. 

Thanks @Khuong Truong 

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