Clicking into a table listing users to display user profile

Hi there!

I'm trying to figure out a way that when you click on a table listed in a MainMenu of users that it opens up to a profile page of said user from the table. the table is in MainMenu screen and the user is being displayed in a seperate screen called ProfileofOthers. 

I'm not sure if there should be code behind the onclick onto the ProfileofOthers or if it should be behind the onready when the ProfileofOthers is rendering

the ProfileOfUser is displaying a user but it's only currently displaying one particular user regardless on the user i click on the table so I know it's working but I can't figure out a way to assign it to the particular person that's clicked in the previous page if that makes sense?

Thank you!

Hello beginningtester ,

You can use the OnClick Event of the link to link to the new page with the User Id.

Il attach an oml with a simple example using accounts.

Hope it helps!

Paulo Rosário


Hi Paolo,

Thank you for sending this! However I can't seem to find the onClick server action in your example?

Also it won't let me add an argument called AccountID in my own application, the argument that keeps being passed is the name of my full database that is being used currently 

thanks again!

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