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Hello Everyone,

I'm a new OutSystems developer, and in my learning process, i was doing the final project "Movies Assignment" with Reactive Mobile Application. One of the requested exercises was to create a Comment section using the Content/ChatMessage widget, which when i filled the Image and Content fields as expected and ran the application, started noticing when a larger comment was made, the image got smaller.

My colleague that was doing the same project didn't had the same issue, and we found out the problem came from the version of the OutSystemsUI.

The working solution i found for my version was regarding changing the css of chat image as follows:

Best Regards,

Rúben Simões

Hello Rúben, 

It was probably a known bug that got fixed in the newer version :) 

Best regards, 

Paulo Rosário

Hello Paulo,

I don't know, as shown in the image above, the newest version was the one with problems.


Rúben Simões

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