Is it possible to copy a Button with its functionality to another screen

Hi Everyone,

I have two screen pages while one has couple of buttons along with functionality that when they are clicked they return a message. My question is is it possible to copy the buttons from one page to other along with its functionality to display the message. If yes, then How?

Need to copy these buttons present in 'Claim Summary ' screen to 'Allclaims' screen.
Looking for Valuable inputs.


Hello saif ,

Is it possible, have you tried to do ctrl c + ctrl v of the button, and after the action?

Rigth click:

just copy from one screen and paste on the other.



Was able to copy the button, But even when i copied the action.. it is not delivering the output of the copied button which was copied from the previous page
For Example - the button from the source, when clicked displays a message but despite copying the action from the previous page, the button in the new screen is not showing an assign message
Does that mean that it is not possible to copy the 'whole block o fbutton along with its functionality' or i am missing something here ? @Diogo Reis  @Agno Silveira @Seetha Ganesan @Ricardo Pereira


Hi saif,

Maybe something is missing, can you share your .oml app for review?


I think it is possible to copy the button. But you need also to copy the action associated with the button!


You can abstract that button and logic in a block.

You can use inputs the send the needed data and use it in the button logic.

Then, you can use events to notify the parent of any given changes.

After that defined you can use that block wherever you need and define the input values and the event handlers.

But, for this solution, you need to see if make sense the effort of implementing something like this (see the possible future cases of reusability and code maintainability).

Hope this can help.

Best regards,

Ricardo Pereira

Hi @Ricardo Pereira ,
What you mentioned seems to be the solution but since i am considerably new to outsystems, could you please break it down for me or share  screenshots for my understanding

Hi  saif sheikh ,

Its possible to copy the button from one screen to another screen by using ctrl c + ctrl v , Then you must need to copy all the associated functionally related with button like aggregate , local variable and etc. 


Seetha Ganesan. 

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