Remove Auto-sort data in Aggregate


I have a problem with an Aggregate, it turns out that I am consuming a service which brings some IDs, I need to paint the data as it arrives, but the aggregate orders it automatically without having Sort, example, the data arrives with ID 23, 1, 45, 2, and as soon as it arrives I paint it, but at the moment of doing it, the Aggregate orders it to 45, 23, 2, 1 before painting it, what could I do so that it does not order it?


do you want any particular order? A query always sort with some criteria. There is an option editing the table as shown below that sorts the table by default:


No, I don't have any particular order, I just need the data that arrives to be painted without any order.

Check if that attribute is filled in any of the tables from your query.

Do you use autonumber on your primary key?

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