Upload Excel file and read record into a specific fields in a table

I want to create a screen that would allow a user to upload an excel file.

From there I would like that 2 or 3 columns from that spreadsheet to be used to update fields in a table

Is this possible?


Hello Anna,

See in the attached example application, excel upload screen, I used a table to create and edit person, but you can adapt.


Hope it helps.



File to Upload attached.


Thank you for the assistance 

i would like to take this one step further. 

I got the upload to work 

and it also uploads to the table

I would like to have values in one table reflected in another table 

this is the logic i have in the server action right now 

the excel sheet is coming in and writing to the Invoice table and i want invoice amount and tracking number to be mapped to the orderid in the Order table and also have those values relfected in the orders table correctly. 

I am using an external db

in the Orders table i referenced Invooice amount and tracking number from the invoice table 

 if you need any additional information please let me know 

thank you 

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