[Document Catalog] Discussion

[Document Catalog] Discussion

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Published on 2007-05-21 by Gonçalo Veiga
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Published on 2007-05-21 by Gonçalo Veiga
Before installing thought it might be quicker to ask firstly if this works with version 6.x?
Hi Mark,

You could make it work with 6.0 but I believe you would need to upgrade EM which is a very old version.
A better option for 6.0 might be the Documents app, have you taken a look into it?

Tiago Simões
Hi Tiago,

Thank you for your reply. I realise it was a lazy question, but thought I could save myself some time by asking here.

Yes, have had a look at the Documents app and have borrowed a few ideas from it.

Actually, the reason I was interested in Document Catalog was because of the folder explorer pane on the left hand side of the screen and really just wanted to copy this bit! As it was published in 2007, didn't want to spend half a day to see if it would work.

Are there any more recent examples of a folder explorer (like the left hand pane of Windows Explorer), or would you suggest that the Document Catalog might provide me enough informaton?

Kind regards,