Consuming REST API from client browser
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When consuming REST API's directly as a Data fetch for a react screen, will the data still flow through the OutSystems server or will this REST retrieve be done directly from the client browser running the reactive website.

If not, is there a way to enable this behavior to unload this traffic from the server.

For example when integrating with a CMS that will provide the header/banner image to be shown on the home page.
It should be directly fetched from CMS into client browser without making a detour through the OutSystems server, as the CMS is scaled to handle the load (output of large images) but the OutSystems server might not.

Hey Dieter,

Every data action goes through the server for performing data fetch even if it's from aggregates or APIs. If you want to have everything on client side, maybe you could implement a javascript code that calls your API and retrieves the result, but nevertheless I think usually calling an API should be done on the OutSystems server, if you want you can create a client side cache/storage to make sure no unnecessary calls are made to the server every time you load the screen.



Thanks Bogdan for the answer.

This means that the load always hits our OutSystems server, even if it's cached.
While CMS systems can be scaled to better handle this, for example providing pictures of products in a webshop in every different possible format.

Will create an idea to have this feature added.

Hi Dieter Vennekens

Outsystems API will be called from the servers , so if you want to do any call api from client

1- use Javascripts

2- html forms to do form post

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