UX Prototyping By InVision

UX Prototyping By InVision

"InVison lets you create stunningly beautiful interactive wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes in a whole new way. Share your work with design team, developers, and clients and get instant feedback right on-screen. InVision will change the way you think about user experience design."  http://www.invisionapp.com

For businesses looking to prototype their next web app or mobile app Invison is an easy to use prototyping tool and a great alternative to iRise. Although I personally believe iRise is a more complete prototyping product; but if your not going to be prototyping very frequently for the price tag of ~$7000+, iRise might not be for your business, in this case, invision might be worth looking at.  :) 
Hi Robert, 

actually, I've been doing some prototypes and in terms of overall productivity my question is, do you like to work for something that is going to the "Recycle Bin"?

I honestly prefer to do prototypes in OutSystems because in most of the cases, that prototype will be an app, and the end user can actually work with it sin ce the first day and ask for more...

...and that more will make your opportunity turn into a deal.

In the scenario where you use an app to prototype and then you have to start everything from the beginning to deliver an app is one that you're wasting time... and money.

Hi Ricardo,

Interesting...well it really depends on the size of your project, if your project is a very large application, and you need to work with multple developers, everyone will need to be on the same page right from the beginning.

You might have one idea on how to solve a problem but the developer next to you might have a completely different idea, to solve the same problem. Then the client might want something completely different.

Designing your prototype acts like a specification/framework to get an idea of the completed product before you start developing the actual product.  Prototypes are used apart of the official software requirements specification, which is the document that you get signed off before you start developing the project.

 Your client pays you to write the specification, and it usually cost less than ~10% of your overall project, it is not a waste of money, nor time, if the client does not end up choosing your company to develop their app they can take the specification to another vendor and have them develop the app! 

p.s Sometimes we dont need a specification, but othertimes we do! It really depends on the size of the project. Its useful to have a prototype, but not 100% neccessary, although it can help quite alot.