[Active Directory CORE (Simplified)] Not possible to search groups
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Could you please check the functionality of searching groups? I am facing a strange behaviour.  The component sometimes finds a group later on without any results.

Thanks for any support.

Meri H.

Hi Meri,

Can you see in service center if you're having timeout issues or any other errors showing up?

In the mean time I'll try to replicate your issue.



Im my logs I just have this one

"The user name or password is incorrect."

If the problem is in timeouts consequently should not find users as well but it does find them. 

And even more... in User detail page the Groups section is always empty eventhough I know the user is in the group.

Thank you

Meri H.

Hi Meri,

I need to see the issue you're having, I'm trying on my installation and I can't seem to break it.

Do you have time Monday to set up a call with me so we can look at the problem you're having?

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