app vacation in service studio 6.0

app vacation in service studio 6.0

hello people..!

Has anyone tried the app vocation that comes in Agile Platform 6.0?

when I create a new user with admin user or manager, I can filter and appears to me that I created the user in the user interface, but the user created does not appear on screens TeamMap to bookmark their holiday, see their holidays, or reques. handcuffs know how I can do this?

Basically what I want is to create a new user, assign a permisão this user, and this user can mark their holiday, their vacation requests, and to appear in the Team members.

can someone hel me??
Hi Nilson,

Well, I'm not fully sure of that, but could it be that the user you created needs to have some specific role or permission - i.e. being an employee? Have you looked into the groups or roles that other users that do show up in the app have?

If you think that that's not the case, I would encourage you to drop a line to our support team - it could be a bug.


Paulo Tavares
Hi Nilson, 

the vacation app is integrated with the directory app, so probably what is missing is the right configuration.

For an employee schedule his/her vacations s/he needs to have VacationUser role. 

After that you need to setup vacation days for Employess in the management tab (only available for HR Manager Role). Remember to start an year.

Most probably that is the reason why your user is not appearing.