Unable to auto populate OTP in IOS device.
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We are developing an IOS.android device and we are using twilio to send otp . So in order to autopopulate the otp , we have used plugins for android and it works as expected. BUt we are not getting the control of IOS device. Can anyone guide me how to proceed. Also let me know if any additional information is required.


Hi Manoj,

What do you mean with "We are not getting the control of IOS device" ?



Hi Daniel, Thanks for response,

Basically When OTP is generated, OTP in not auto-populating in the expected text box, also When we try to paste the otp from message suggestion we are not able to figures out the type of event it is generating.

So basically i want some work around so that what can be done to make auto-populate otp  in IOS devices

Thank you.

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