IsDataFetched responding slow in screen?

Hi Guru's!

There is a strange thing happening in one of my reactive apps and I hope some one can help me. In my app there is a fetch from other data source. In that action there is a call with a service action to a different module. When I debug in the module that exposes the service action the action is done but in the screen the IsDataFetched is not triggered until 10 seconds after. Some it seems like it gets a bit stuck between receiving the data the service action and processing in the screen. 

This is the fetch from other source action:

This is the service action:

Hello Nick Swart ,

My best guess would be that the volume of information fetched is big ( I see that there is a "GetContractAttachements" so probably a binary?  ) so that time is necessary to process the data and display it on screen. 

A Service Action is basically a REST API so it still has to Call and Receive the Response from the other module.

Hope it helps! 

Paulo Rosário 

To tell you the truth there is no binary fetched in the screen a empty list is showed but sometimes it takes him 45 seconds to process it.

The only thing i can tell from looking at your print screens is that, because you are using a fetch other data, with a service action inside, you will send all attributes to the client.

If you use the getdata from the aggregate, it will be smarter in which data is sent. You can improve your fetch from other data by using your own structure as output, with only those fields you need.

Thnx for your replay let me check if the output structure is the problem. The thing is I'm doing it on this way trough the whole system and only with this screen I have the problem.

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