$(...).daterangepicker is not a function
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.14.7 (Build 58100)

Hi, I am trying user  "Date Range Picker https://www.daterangepicker.com/#usage in outsystems reactive web application.I am getting "$(...).daterangepicker is not a function."error message.

I have added all required Javascript libraries like JQuery, Moment, Daterangepicker js file in expression. I have attached the oml file for reference. It would be really  appreciatable for solution. Thanks in advace!


Hi Mahesh,

It's not really recomended to use the jQuery library with OutSystems Reactive apps, as it might mess up other JS libraries. Maybe this Forge component or a similar one can help you achieve your goal?

As for the error you are getting, maybe you can solve it by uploading jQuery.min.js from the official source by saving it as a js file and uploading it in OutSystems as a script, and selecting it (+ the daterangerpicker_js) as required scripts instead of the out-of-the-box jQuery lib from OutSystemsUI.

Mahesh Rebba

I reviewed your module and I dont think it will work like this, I think these libraries are called after everything is ready.

so better you download all ths js libraries and add the in "Data"->"Resources" and they will be loaded and treated as JS.

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