Display value of a cell in textbox
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I have built a fluid loss calculator, I have a table with colums for the data.

There is 1 page the user will be able to access, (attached) 

the 'New Calculation' button clears the data on the table so the new numbers can be added.  The 'Save' button should save the data and refresh the page and the 'Total Loss' box should show the field from the calculation on the table.

I am stuck in 2 places, when I click SAVE it refreshes the page but loses all the data that has just been added meaning I cant calculate.

The 2nd place is how to show the data from a field on the table IN a text/input box on the page so I can see the total fluid loss.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hello keith,

I'm attaching an oml with what I hope is the solution you are looking for.

Hope it helps! 

Paulo Rosário


Thank you Paulo, the table is has more data to be added and calculated but now I can use what you have given me and what I have learned from the lessons and finish my app, thank you so much!!! Greatly appreciated

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