Vsphere/HP Proliant Server monitor
Application Type
Traditional Web, Reactive, Service
Service Studio Version
11.51.7 (Build 58118)

Is it possible to make an app to monitor the various stats for my servers?
They are all HP Proliant Gen 8's running Vsphere 7 i.e they are all esxi hosts.



It depends, are those stats accessible? Can they be extracted by rest or soap API, or ETL?

If the above is the case, then yes you should be able to build a dashboard app in OutSystems.

But there are many commercial off the shelf apps available that do this easy and more flexible without the need to code this.



I know there are an  almost exorbitant number of apps already made specifically for this, I just want to have an outsystems app I can work on that I will actually use once it is finished. I believe there are able to be extracted via api or that the snmp alerts can be logged and stored in a accessible database. Thank you! I just wasn't thinking about the problem correctly, but your answer and the courses available have clarified things.

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