Tabs - Hide one tab and keep justify

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to play with Tabs from OutsystemsUI and conditional hide one tab, I implemented in several ways but always lose the Justify mode. Someone knows if it's possible to do that?

Thanks, Paulo Torres

Hi Paulo,

I tried the Tabs widget with IsJustified enabled, and added 3 tabs. It first looked like this:

Then I hid the tab in the middle by putting a condition like this:

With only 2 visible tabs, it still justified the available space:

What did not work in your case?



With this approach when the tab is visible you cannot click in tab itself, so you can click but the content not appears.

We can use extended class to put a hidden class but we lose the justify.


Sorry, I don't think I'm following. For me the tab is clickable and its content also changes correctly. The IF condition should be the same for both TabsHeaderItem and TabsContentItem in the same order, though.

Do you have a sample oml that we can check?

Hi Paulo Torres,

Have you managed to solve this issue ?

If yes then please post the answer here.

Thanks !!

Hello Komal,

I didn't find solution to keep the justify... I did a solution with if's but I lost justify.


The simple way,

Edit the attribut of the Navigation\Tabs 
IsJustified = True

Result if 3 Tabs :

Result if 2 Tabs :

The important thing to remember is that you need to have the information you're using to hide the tab before tabs render (f.i. set it in oninitilize), otherwise it might not be clickable.

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