Deleting How To's Application also deletes unrelated eSpaces

On Version 6, after running 2 of the How To's tutorials and trying to delete the Sales Assistant application

i get the pop up window saying which eSpaces are going to be Deleted ( check attachment ) :

- Sales Assistance seems logic

- EnterpriseManager, AuditEvents, Enterprise seems odd

- HPP, StringUtilities and NonWorkingDays  seems unlogical since there's no reason

Is this the expected behaviour ?
Hi João

That is not the expected behavior. Can you please provide me with the Platform Server / Service Center version (up to the revision number) that you're using? You should be able to obtain this version number by clicking the "about" link that's present in most Service Center pages.

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Hi Miguel,

The  Platform Server / Service Center version is
i was alse able to reproduce this behaviour on a colleague computer who has version

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