Dropdown values not changing with respect to other dropdown
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Second dropdown values are not changing with respect to first dropdown. The values of second dropdown remains constant without changing . Please Help with this issue.


Hi Javaji Akshitha ,

I have done some changes in your OML file. Please check 

I hope it helps you.

Thanks & Regards,



Its working .Thanks for the help.

Its glad to help you if you got solution then marked as solution so if anyone needed find solution easily.



Can you please tell if i select one state means those states values should be displayed

Same like before we did , 

1)In State DropDown 's property of variable used in aggregate like 

2)  This variable value to set  filter like Example.StateId=StateId in aggregate  which value you have to  displayed  after states select.

3) In State dropdown's OnChange action there you have to refresh this aggregate .

Follow this steps.

I hopes it  helps you!

Can you please make changes in our oml . So that we get clarity

Result should be all the data related only to selected customer in the dropdown. Please check the updated OML


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