Unable to drop any entity into the MainFlow

Unable to drop any entity into the MainFlow

Hi there,
after some working, i can't no more drop new Entity on the MainFlow.
I've attached to this message the OML, the eSpace seems valid.
To replicate the issue just try to drop and entity to the MainFlow

After some investigation this seems to be due to the theme change i've set it to StyleGuide5 after switching back to the default theme edit is enabled again.... i'm missing something?
Hi Marcello,

The theme specified in your eSpace has to have some templates defined in order for intelliwarp to work. You can find more information about the themes here. The templates also have to obey some requirements which are specified here.

Service Studio help on intelliwarp also provides you with a comprehensive set of information on some pre-requirements for intelliwarp shortcuts' availability.

Hope this answers to your question!

Best regards,