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Hi All, 

Im looking to create an application in Outsystems that will enable me to post data to it from an external source. To be more specific, I have an SQL server that contains a whole host of data but because it is green side we have complications in connecting VIA service centre. AS a workaround, i am hoping instead i can create a web page, then run a script externally  that pokes my Outystems application and posts the data to it, a bit like building a page with a button that allows the user to upload a file, except it will all be done "robotically". Can i do this and how do i set my application up to enable it to receive such requests.

Ive had a look at Exposing/consuming/RestAPI but i dont know if this is quite what i need. 

If anyone can point me in the direction of some tutorials/documentation it would be greatly appreciated

*Disclaimer - I'm a beginner, my knowledge is limited so i apologise in advance if i need spoon feeding a little. 

Thank you

Hello Michael Freath,

Checks the public IP of your Outsystems personal environment is released to the firewall of the server where hosts SQL Server. The firewall needs to release TCP port 1433 to Service Center connects successful on the SQL Server.

Is SQL Server hosted in your company or in a cloud service?

Give us a feedback to help you.

Hello, Thank you for your reply. Its within the company i work for. we cant access it directly from Outsystems so hoping we can instead post the data into an outsystems application. essentially creating a URL that is purely used to store tables of data. I can then call this data when building other applications. 

At the moment i have to save data files locally and manually upload into my applications with a button press. Ideally, i want to remove the manual upload by having a page we can just "Robotically" post data to on a daily basis (We will build a script externally that do this) i just dont know how to set up a page that will accept it. I am still looking at REST and SOAP integration as the solution me in there?

Hope i have explained this ok. 

Hello Michael,

Looking your scenario, a good choice is using the REST/SOAP integration to upload SQL Server data to your OutSystems application.

You will need to build a script that it will read SQL Server data and upload to your OutSystem application through a REST/SOAP call.

You can get more details on how to implement REST/SOAP integration through this course:

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