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After selecting from the first dropdown the second dropdown must be displayed. The Second dropdown must be hidden until we select from the first dropdown. Please help.



Hello Javaji ,

You can enclose in container and set this value in Visible

State <> NullIdentifier(), like this:

And put "Select" in Empty Text in your first combo:

Hope it helps.

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Thanks for help


You must enclose the second dropbox in an If  that tests the field you are using in the first dropbox. 

Hope this help


Thanks for help.

Hi Javaji Akshitha,

You should enclose the dropdown inside an "If", with the proper condition.

Another way is enclose the dropdown inside a container, with the field "Visible" filled with the condition to show or not the dropdown.

In the first way, if the dropdown doesn't appear inside the Screen, it won't appear in the HTML file. In the second way, the dropdown could be hidden but will appear in HTML file.


Diogo Reis

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