Clicking into a table to display a user profile

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I'm trying to figure out a way that when you click on a table listed in a MainMenu of users that it opens up to a profile page of said user from the table. the table is in MainMenu screen and the user is being displayed in a seperate screen called ProfileofOthers. 

I'm not sure if there should be code behind the onclick onto the ProfileofOthers or if it should be behind the onready when the ProfileofOthers is rendering

the ProfileOfUser is displaying a user but it's only currently displaying one particular user regardless on the user i click on the table so I know it's working but I can't figure out a way to assign it to the particular person that's clicked in the previous page if that makes sense?

I should flag aswell that these are other users that have signed up for the application - so i am pulling from two databases, the system user database and an external database called user info

Thank you!

You can use a Popup widget to have this implemented. Place some clickable icon or content in one of the cell of the table and then show the details in a popup. 


If I am getting this right what you need to make is:

1-The "ProfileofOthers" screen needs to fetch the user information based on a identifier
2-In the "MainMenu" you need to check if the input of ProfileofOther is corretly mapped with the right Id(If it's a list is probably "eg User.Current.Id")

If it didn't help share your UML.

Hi Edgar, i dont think it works because i'm pulling from an external database? i think it might be complicating things a bit 


1- Ok so the first mistake is that you are mixing two concepts the Internal DB of OS and your external source of data.

I don't know how your BD is organized but imagine if the "workProfile" attribute of your BD is unique for every User you can do something like this:

And after this you need to get the data from your BD based on the input:

If you are not obligated to use that BD you can always use OS entities that helps alot.

I hope this quick explanation solves your problem!

DISCLAIMER: I have never used external BDs so there is the probability of existing some caveats.

Hello Ailish  ,

Make sure that your details screen has a UserId as an input parameter, so that you can fetch the correct User you click on.

il leave an oml with some sample code for you to check out. 

Hope it helps!

Paulo Rosário


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