ServcieCenter Error - Execution Timeout Expired
Application Type
Platform Version
11.10.2 (Build 25738)

I have an issue with mobile application. There is a function mobile application that will send out notifications to inform mobile app end-user and save send records in the MS SQL database. The notification function has an error :

Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.
The statement has been terminated.

It seems that there are too many requests to process in our server, the server is under overload and shows server error 502 on application UI(Web & App). I have done many things to stop the error but cannot work, then I disable the mobile application on ServiceCenter. However, the above error keeps showing up on the ServerCenter error log.....I checked the Screen Request, it show the mobile application still send out request, I have no idea how this request can be sent out after I disable the application.

Please share some idea on how to kill/stop the request, many many thanks 



Hi Jack,

Who is calling this action?

One user? Multiple users at the same time?

How many records does the action create/update?

You are hitting the SQL execution timeout.

A couple of things come to mind: you are having DB locks due to concurrency or you need to do some SQL tunning on your statement. Maybe a bit of refactoring on your logic...

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