Reactive binarydata from table to url

Hi Guru's!

I have a question, I have stored binary data in a table and I want to fetch that data by url something like:{ID}

Is this possible to do in a reactive app?

Hope to hear from you guys or gals 

Hi Nick,

I'm not sure what you intend to do. 

You can use functions from this API to translate it to text:


So the image is in the database. Normally in the traditional screens you could do a download action in the preparation. Only how to do this in reactive so the ULR can be used on a image like this:

Got it,

in this topic if you can find how to use a previewer in Reactive to display the image:

Yes only that is for showing files in reactive but what if I want to display the binary on a different website?

A website outside your environment?

Yes for example I can do a rest api and expose the image by that and use the url within en outside the environment right?

In the environment external to the image database, you can have a screen with an image id as parameter and call with a data action the rest api that returns to you the binary. Use that binary in a file preview. 

Am I missing something?

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