Saving the values of list append to database

I have a drop-down that is fetching values from the database. But since I cannot add new value to the database and I have to show a new value in the drop-down list. So, i have used list append "on after fetch" on the aggregate which is used to fetch the data for the drop-down .

 Now, when I have selected the value appended through "ListAppend" function, it is not storing that particular value in the database. This is because I have only appended the value in the UI level but not saved that value in database. 

So, can someone please tell me how to save the appended values to database, such that when the appended value is selected in drop-down, the same gets reflected in the database.

I am working in reactive version.

Hi Runisha

you need to call CreateEntity for the database Table after you append.

for example if Database Table name is"PemFile" you will see an action CreatePemFile

Hello Runisha,

Based on your description, there are many things that could be going wrong. How exactly are you storing the value selected in the dropdown? Is it an Id referencing the source entity for the dropdown values? If so, you'll definitely have problems because you're trying to save an Id that doesn't exist in the source entity.

Hello Aurelio, yes an Id is referencing the source entity for the dropdown values and I am hard coding the Id of the new value as -1, but I am not being able to save the name associated with that Id.

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