Debug and Add Row through Studio not possible due to HTTP Forbidden error

We have an OutSystems environment on Azure and something might be blocking HTTP requests when starting the debugger and when inserting rows in entities using Service Studio.

The environment is version 11.14 and the application is available through HTTPS.

When trying to insert records in an entity, we receive:

"Some records couldn't be inserted. There was an error while contacting the server:  HTTP Forbidden. For more information, check the Service Center error logs."

(Service Center doesn't have info about the error)

When trying to debug the application, we receive:

"ServiceStudio.Presenter.RuntimeImplementation+FullStackException: Exception in thread Main ---> System.Exception: There was an error while contacting the server:  HTTP Forbidden  ---> System.Exception: There was an error while contacting the server:  HTTP Forbidden 

   at bn, String bo)

   at bs, String bt)

   at ServiceStudio.ServerCommunications.Debugger.WebServicesDebuggerCommunicationsProvider.StartDebugSession(IBaseAggregatorPresenter aggregator, Boolean breakOnAllErrors, IEnumerable`1 breakpoints, DeviceEmulationParameters deviceEmulationParameters)"

Looks like there's a block/deny rule in our Azure infrastructure, but we couldn't find it.

Does anyone knows how to solve this?

As some applications are also available via HTTP, it doesn't look like there is a general 80 port deny rule or something of this kind in out VM or VNet.


Hi Ricardo,

Did you already have a look at this document with OutSystems network requirements?



Hi, Daniël! Thanks for the answer!

In fact, we've tried opening incoming requests on all ports on our Azure dev infrastructure but it didn't work.

Our infrastructure was installed using the OutSystems application on Azure Store, so it followed the wizard installation script.

It looks like we are not setting rules on the right place on our Azure infrastructure; these attempts were on the network security group related to the dev env.

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