How Can I put my validation on multi upload images
Service Studio Version
11.51.8 (Build 58407)

I have mutliupload  images app and i have to upload only 5 images into my website?

i have made all assigns and can't work when i uploaded 5 images he display only one image and give me erorrs

Best senario case :

1- when uploaded 5 images it display them

2- when uploaded 2 images it has 3 images to list them and keep his length

3- when upload more than > 3 images it give me an error message.

does any help in that ? 

keep that I have NODATABASE here all work in lists { list append and list remove } 

Hi Saed

can u share your module?



I could not see how this event is firing in the


module , but generally handling onFileUpload should be per file

and it should be fired each time file finish uploading

I got that after keep trying many times 

i have to solve this issue that is stored 5 images in a list and display them he can't do this 

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