Display different content according to dropdown selection

I am trying to implement one feature which is to display different content on the screen according to the selection made from dropdown 



For each DropDown Menu, you can have an OnChange action. That action could update the displayed data taking into account the option selected.

I've created the OnChange action as an example. For example, you can use as input the dropdown's labels.

After that, you use those labels to create the expected output. As an example, the action concatenates all the input values.

If you need more help, let me know.


Diogo Reis

I have tried that not getting.. can you please help

Hi Javaji

agree with
Diogo Reis

, each onChange should have refresh action for the customer agregate with the needed filter display area before the end of the flow

Hi Javaji Akshitha,

I have added some filter in your OML hope it will helpful for you.



CustomerExperiencesurvey@ (2).oml

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