New Video: TDD by Example

Developer Advocate Rui Barbosa is on a roll...his latest video is now available, covering Test-Driven Development in OutSystems, and outlines the process of TDD (and why it's better than Bug-Driven Development), and how you can use it for your OutSystems apps! Take a look: 

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If you want to know more about TDD these links will get you started:


00:00 - Intro
00:50 - The Loan App
01:22 - Scenario 1: Calculate Payment
01:53 - Steps in Test Driven Development
03:17 - Project Setup
04:54 - Write the First Failing Test
06:24 - Make the First Test Pass
07:20 - Refactoring (not needed)
07:29 - Additional Tests for Scenario 1
10:16 - Scenario 2: Payment Schedule
13:13 - Scenario 3: Extra Payments
16:10 - Refactoring Extra Payments
19:52 - The Demo App
21:10 - Conclusions
23:20 - Wrap-up and Resources

Let us know what you think! And we're always open to ideas for upcoming videos, so be sure to share those as well.  

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