Parsing plain text to a usable format ( i.e. Structure ) in outsystems

Hi All,

I need to parse a text string to structure . It contains data as mentioned below, The text string is the output of an API.

    'isCompleted': false,
    'data': {
        'icon': 'icon_ee.png',
        'pageNav': {
            'welcomeMessage': 'Hi',
            'message': 'What can I help you with today?',
            'mobileNumber': '123456',
            'deviceName': 'Google Pixel 4a'

Go to Data tab

Select structure

Select " Add Structure from JSON" and paste your JSON

Generate Structure Automate 

Create variable and assign your json value as a text

Select JSONDeserialize  and assign string and structure

Finally assign the structure variable 

Hope this will help you.




Hi Hema, 

Apart  from  above answer. 

   I believe, definitely you already have  API url. 

In Logic tab, You can test your API methods and it will generate structures automatically as per Request and Response from the APIs. 

Please check attached pdf, It have guide.  Hope it would help. 

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Retrieving Data from a REST API (GET).pdf

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