Adding non cluster index on OutSystems entity
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Traditional Web, Mobile, Reactive, Service
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11.14.8 (Build 58515)

Hi Al ,

I have a requirement where I need to add non cluster indexes on multiple columns while another(one) column being an include column for the index on a particular entity .

Can someone please help how we can achieve on a OutSystems Entity .


Thanks and best regards


Hi Rishav,

editing an entity will allow you to add more indexes (composite too).


Thanks Jose for your quick response !!

How can we include a column as well in the non cluster index as MS SQL Server provide an option to do that please ?

You're right, it's no possible to create indexes with Include columns.

I remember an idea I submitted to allow that but I think the main reason for that limitation is because in Oracle there is no "Include columns" feature in indexes.


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