Carousel show loading image

Hi Guru's

I have a Carousel with a list of images with an external URL. Loading the images takes a few seconds only the screen stays empty until the images are loaded. Is there something that we could do to show a loading thingy so we know the images are loaded and just have to be patience till it's done?

Hi Nick,

If the carrousel is taking some time to load you can add some strategies but one that I usually use is creating a content loading placeholder in this case of a carrousel to give you time to load the images


Hello Nick,

You can create a loading animation to play while your images load. 

I'm leaving an attached om with a sample of a carrousel with loading. 

Hope it helps! 

Paulo Rosário


Hi Paulo,

Thanks for your reply only this is loading is done but the screen is fetching the binary from the URL that takes some time to load and in the mean time the user sees a blank screen.

Hi Joao, I see the forge component any idea on how to use it, I do not undestand?

I will screen shoot an example of a gallery

 On your case you just add to create an example based on a carrousel using this kind of logic, that If is IsLoading is checking if the data is already fetch or not from the DB


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