Consume SOAP Web Service with extension type
Service Studio Version
11.12.1 (Build 49734)

Hi all,

I have this SOAP web service which has a WSDL definition using the extension xml tag. Service Studio cannot consume it and launches an error saying there's 'recursion' identified which is not supported. It seems though it's not a recursion case, but something Service Studio is not capable yet to read. Here's an example:

type ClientDefinition - extension of type ClientReference - extension of type EntityReference

where each compleType extends another with the xml tag

<xs:extension base="tns:EntityReference">

fetching and combining this way every <xs:element ...> found in each complexType.

So, in this case the complex type ClientReference extends the EntityReference complex type and the ClientDefinition complex type extends the ClienteReference.

The final structure to be generated by Service Studio considering this collection of elements in xml would be something like:


    <xs:element name="Id"> - from EntityReference

    <xs:element name="Name"> - from ClientReference

    <xs:element name="Address"> - from ClientDefinition


I would like to understand if this is a new non documented unsupported case and therefore a new workaround could be provided, even though change such WSDL would mean to re-write it in a completely different format or if this is a case where only consuming the SOAP Web Service by Integration Studio would be the only solution possible?

If turns to be a new non documented unsupported case, could be this a new idea to be implemented in future?

Thanks in advance.


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