Bootstrap 4.6 React Apps: JQuery & Javascript


I'm trying to build some of the Bootstrap 4.6 Components into Outsystems. I have put the Javascript files in Service Studio, and created a Javascript Tag to make them in the OnReady. This gets a lot of Javascript components working. I get the same effect, if I include the reference to the CDN in the OnReady action. Two things that have been bugging me.

1) In the Dev tools, I often see an Error 404 error relating to the Javascript. Even when the component fully works. Is there a way to stop this? I included the Javascript on the Page too as otherwise the components didn't run

2) I get a $(...)popover is not a function error for the Popover widget. I'm not quite sure where to put this JQuery call, as I think it needs to be called after all the JQuery and Bootstrap Javascript has loaded.

I know React Outsystems doesn't bode well with JQuery but I've been investigating, so any help would be appreciated.



hi Ed Sawer

you need to add the js file to your resources folder and it will be loaded with the pages

Thankyou. That appeared to do the trick. Didn't need to call in my on initialize / OnReady. Thankyou :)

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