Customize Log in using REST API

Hi everyone,

I am new to outsystems. My office assign me task to customize log in using 3rd party REST api documented on swagger. But I cant consume the api. & is it possible to use a  external rest api for for using log in ???


Hello Sumaiya, 

Hope you are well, see these documentations about REST and external authentication methods:


End Users Authentication

If you need, you can give us more details of what you need to do.

King regards.

hi @Agno Silveira 

 I want to use Existing User from External DB by consume REST API.

where I can give credentials for log in and swagger rest api will do the rest work. But I dont know how to do it using outsystems or what logic i should provide.


Hi Sumaiya,

It seems to me your office has assigned you as task that is way over your head. How much experience do you have with OutSystems? Did you take any courses, do you have any certifications?

Logging into OutSystems using external user providers is an advanced topic that should only be attempted by experienced, senior developers. Agno already provided the documentation for it, if you do not understand that documentation at all I'm afraid you're not up for the task.

I'm not trying to demoralize you, but to set realistic expectations. Please consult your team lead, so they can assign the task to someone with more experience.

hi all

I able to consume the rest api but cant after successfully hitting my api  it redirect me to the same login page. im sharing the logic with you


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