Error when generating Android application
Application Type
Platform Version
11.13.2 (Build 32392)

Hi Community,

I am trying to generate a mobile android application on our production environment but it keeps failing. Message in the mobile apps log is:

Error: Something happened on our side while generating your app. Please try again.

I did check the error log and it says why the build is failing but I am not sure what is causing this. I attached the error log.

Good to mention is that the iOS app can be generated without a problem on production. Also good to mention is that I can generate the android application on development without a problem (both development and production are being build with MABS 8.0). The difference between them is that on development the build type is Debug (apk) and on production is is Release (apk).

If more information is needed please tell me so I can provide it.




Hi @Noun Eltoum,

Thanks for your answer. I think you could be right and I have to check my extensibility configuration. I see I only configured the Android icons and I am building both Android and iOS app. This could be giving some problems.

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