Auto Complete not working properly

Auto Complete not working properly

When I use the auto complete, like in loging in at Outsystems (username) and in my applications, after selecting the choosen entry and hit enter, the field is not complete correctely.
Please see the video attached.
Is this a bug?

Im using Windows 7 and explorer 9
I don't think its a bug.

The ENTER key triggers the default button, in your case the login button, as you didn't enter any password you got the "Required field!" message next to the password field. This is standard behavior.

Usually you have to hit TAB to select the value you want. 

And are you sure that in the login you are using the auto-complete widget? It just looks like that browers built-in autocomplete. 

Hope it helps. 
Hi Antonio,

Like André said thats kinda the expected behavior of the Enter key with the browser built-in auto-complete.
For that you need to use the Tab or the "->" keys instead of the Enter.

The auto-complete widget from RichWidgets actually has that scenario supported and works fine.

João Rosado

I'm not sure if I should ask this with another post, but here it goes.

I'm using auto complete on country and currency field. Works fine.
But, when you select one from the dropdown list, it get's his value, but 1 second after that, it opens again the dropdown list. Is there any way to stop this hapening ?