Can i download record data to excel with Dropdown list appear in downloaded excel to
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I have a requirement where i have a template of excel file with dropdown values 

Is there any way when i download excel file from Outsystems application, excel file should contain all the drop down list which are used in application while creating a record 

Hi Navya,

You can download any list in excel format by using excel forge components available in the forge:


Hé Navya,

Outsystems allows you to define a structure of the data type you want to export to Excel.
By doing so, you will have complete controll over what goes into the excel file.

As your record will probably only have 1 option of said dropdown, I would suggest you create a structure which includes your record + the list values you wish to export along with it.

To get you started, here is an example of what that solution might look like.
Hope this helps! If not, please clarify your question.

Hello Navya Vani,

You can refer to this forge component to achieve your task.

Where you can create the required excel template, and add data based on your requirements for dropdown.



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