Access CRUD operations in Service module from Core module
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When I am working on Mobile Application, I want to access the CRUD operations in Service Module from the Core module. But I can only access the get() operation, I am not able to access the other operations.

After that I would check the Core module, on that I noticed only the get() operation has the 'is Function' value as Yes

And other CRUD operations are have the value as No for  'is Function'.

The 'is Function' is also in a non-editable format. Kindly give some idea about how to change the 'is Function' value for other CRUD operations.

Otherwise if there is  any possible ways are available to access the CRUD operations in Service module, kindly share with me.



What you need is this setting on your Entity (from your Core module):

This will help you to see other actions as well.

Hope this help,


Thanks for spent your valuable time for me.

Hi Ramkunar,

it's not advisable to expose entities actions. You can manually create your own CRUD actions as a function by creating a server action that uses the entity actions.


Hi José, so should I create the CRUD on the service module and then set it as "read only: NO" and use it on my screen, or should I create the CRUD already on the Logic of the aplication? I'm a bit confused.

Hi Ana,

you should create your CRUD (Create, Update or Delete) server action in the same module as the entity is (i.e. Sales_CS).

If you use a BL module between CS and the frontend modules, you should call that server action inside a service action in the BL module and call that service action from the frontend or you can use directly the CRUD from CS.

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