Inserting  a scrollable record along with linked list

Hi Team,

I need to insert a scrollable record along with its linked list. Something on similar lines. Can anyone guide me what i can do about it  to achieve this? it needs to be in the review screen.  I am attaching my .oml file for reference. Please look into it.


You can use this

    overflow-x: scroll;
    transform: rotateX(180deg);

    transform: rotateX(180deg);

How to scroll records in a table with a fixed header - OutSystems



Hi @Shahaji Nangare , @Agno Silveira & everyone,
With reference to our previous discussion on entering Scrollable records in the screen,
The scrollable record shown in file03 uploaded below has to be uploaded using an API. It needs to be displayed on the screen
While the table on the right hand side will have some of the details in relation to the pdf(Marked red) while some will be auto generated as a table , can be obtained using an API
The red marked file will be the parametres obtained from the pdf, the green ones can be obtained through a list altogether. It is as confusing as it sounds.
Basically, need to integrate output and display it using API on the application.
Please suggest if any alternate solutions could be designed such that the pdf file can be displayed and a table format list can be made/displayed depending upon the pdf on the left hand side since the field DX code, Description & CC are relational to the pdf while primary Dx, Dx score are obtained using algorithms and are not present in the pdf.


Hi @Shahaji Nangare ,
Tried to enter the code snippet you have provided but it is not working. Could you please help


Hello saif ,

You can give us more details of what you want to create, I think your requirement was not very clear.

Can create some sketch, drawing. 

And what is the relationship of the list and fields you want to have on screen with the image of the PDF file you attached?

You can disregard my doubts if Shahaji Nangare's answer solves your case.

King regards.

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