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Hi Everyone,
I am a starter with outsystems and have completed three weeks working on Outsystems Service Studio. Over Course of these three weeks , i have completed the guided Paths for Reactive web app development, Created couple of API's with communities help and working on some UI screens.
I realize that everyone is busy with their own targets and Projects but i hope their would be someone to help smoothen my learning curve and guide me if i get stuck with certain things which is quite often the case.
I am seeking a mentor for my Outsystems development Journey and someone who can help me with my project.
Any Leads would be appreciated..


Hi saif sheikh,

I have gone through the oml you have posted. please mention the trouble which you are facing  your current problem that is stopping you to achieve what you try to, in the oml you have posted.

Varada Rajan

Hi  @Varada Rajan ,
I am working on role and security for my application. Ideally i need admin access to all the screens present while the user can only access the claim summary page. The issue i am stuck with is that i am unable to access the user through the login also the role asssigned is not working properly. Could you please help


Hi saif sheikh

what do you exactly mean by "unable to access the user through the login also the role assigned is not working properly".

As I have gone through the Oml, the "GetAllClaims" Screen must be accessible by all of the users in your personal Environment, and the Review Screen only for Admin(Ideally it would be you(to whom your personal Environment is Licensed to)

So Firstly Make sure you are trying both Screens with the users existing in Users Portal "yourpersonalenvironmentadd".outsystemscloud.com/Users

I have created 2 Users through the user portal excluding me...
one i have assigned the admin role and to the other i have assigned the UserRole. I have set  their passwords on my own. but while i am trying to login through their credentials it is not getting logged in.
Could be a network issue since now it is throwing this error.

Let me reach out to you in a while with an update.
Thank you for your time.

Hi @Varada Rajan ,

Working on a login page functionality... facing couple of issues. I am using a adaptive column while the aplication is not showing errors but when i publish the column two of the login form is not showing data like it should.
Could you please help?
screenshot one is of service studio
while second is of the published page

Attaching .oml file for your reference

RevMaxLogin (2).oml

Hi saif sheikh,

It is a combination of few CSS classes underlying that is Actually effecting the Visual Render of the Page,

you need to take care of CSS Manipulations along with using the Accelerative widgets.

Publish the attached oml and try with it, Hope it works the way u need.


Hi @Varada Rajan ,
Found that the issue was with the input variable not having local storage and hence it wasnot displaying...Thank you for your time & help
Could you assist me how to use python in Outsystems for getting some data and then rendering it using outsystems?

I couldn't clearly understand "Found that the issue was with the input variable not having local storage and hence it was not displaying", anyways nice that you found the Issue.

Below I have Attached a few Links and a Traditional web Component link, where you can proceed on to know how you can use Python for backend and Outsystems for Frontend.

Discussion on Outsystems Python

Python Tornado with Outsytems Apps


You can Use Integration Builder Available in a service Module to start Integrating Data With External systems

Hi @Varada Rajan & Everyone,
Stuck with this.. can anyone please guide me 


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