Possible to Filter Data With Text/Labels Selection?

Hi all,

Is it perhaps possible to implement something like the following in OutSystems:

Basically, filtering the data according to project status by clicking on text/label?

My first thought was to use text linking and then when clicking just to that the user to a separate page but I feel this is a bit redundant since I'll make a screen for each status.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Hello Andre,

You can use the tabs and based on it you can show all the active projects in active tabs, all the Completed projects in a Complete tab and so on. By using web blocks you can handle it in the same screen ( You just need to pass the Status Id as an input parameter) instead of creating different screens. Something like this 


Pavan R

Thanks for the quick response @Pavan Rajapurkar.

Will do some reading on the tabs/code blocks and give my stab at it.

Sounds to me this is the way I need to go to implement it in the application.

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