Images getting Blurred while retrieving them from S3 server

Hi All, 

we have implemented amazon S3 server for storing all images for our application but while fetching them times the images are getting blurred on our side.

Can this be an OutSystems issue or an S3 issue?


Hi Abhishek,

Did you check what image is served by the app? Have you tried saving the image, and see if the saved image looks the same (that is, blurred) or whether it looks fine? Have you tried to build a simple app that just retrieves and saves the images from S3, and see whether these are blurred?

Hi Kilian,

We already tried opening image in different window with the same URL and it is loading properly.

This issue is not reproducible for every user, only some set of users facing this issue


In that case I'd check the DPI settings of the users' monitors. This can well be just a browser image scaling issue, which has nothing to do with OutSystems.

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