Implement plot options in line chart
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I have requirement to implement line chart with markers(plots). I have finished my line chart part. Need to add plot options.

I have applied below code in HighChartsJSON property:

plotOptions: {

        series: {

            allowPointSelect: true



Can you please help me with that. If possible can you please share a sample oml.



Hello Saravana,

Could you explain your requirement a bit more? Do you need something to happen when you click on the marker? 

Best regards, 

Paulo Rosário

No Paulo, While rendering time it has to show. For that i have tried this code as well,

plotOptions: {

        series: {

            marker: {

                enabled: true




But it is not working. 

I have attached the screenshot what am looking for.

Test- line chart.PNG

Hello Sarava,

il attach an oml with the code I used to create this graph.

Hope it helps!

Paulo Rosário


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