How to exclude plugin from ios build
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11.9.1 (Build 20359)


I have a forge plugin which is available only for android platform. It works fine in android but it is causing failure while generating ios build. 

Is there some way we can exclude this plugin from the ios build in outsystems since we don't need that plugin to work in ios ?


Sanjay Pandit

Hi Sanjay,

why does it fail? Have you tried with a lower MABS version?


Hi Jose,

Thanks for your response.

Yes, the build in ios succeeds with MABS version 7.2 but with 8.0 its not working. Since 7.2 will be deprecated soon, we need to make it working for MABS version 8.0.

It fails with this error with 8.0 MABS:
There was an issue fetching the Cordova plugin

Any idea why it does not work in 8.0 MABS version ? and maybe if we have some way to handle this ?


At this point is not easy to find a solution, it may be a problem from MABS linking to that plugin or a problem with the plugin.

I would stick to MABS 7.2 for now and investigate more about that error.

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